UPDATE: Wallace Correspondence Project

In February 2009, George Beccaloni announced that he was working on getting a project to transcribe the correspondence of Alfred Russel Wallace (see here). George just informed me of great news, which will get the project up and running:

George Beccaloni (me!) and Judith Magee (Curator of the Natural History Museum (London) Library’s Rare Books Room collection) have been awarded a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to fund phase 1 of the Wallace Correspondence Project (WCP) – see http://wallaceletters.info/ . The total cost of this part of the project is £200,730 over a three year period, with funding awarded on a yearly basis. Phase 1 aims to locate and digitize all surviving correspondence to and from Wallace held in institutions and private collections worldwide. First to be digitised will be the c. 1200 letters  in the NHM ‘s Wallace Family Archive, a collection which George has played a key role in developing over the last nine years. Scans of the letters will be made publicly available on the Internet via an innovative Web database system that will enable online transcription of the documents as an experimental ‘citizen science’ project. The Mellon grant will pay the salary of an Archivist to work on the project full time for three years and it will also enable George to spend one day per week working on the project as its director.

The Mellon Foundation also provided grant money for the Tyndall Correspondence Project, which I have worked on. George and Judith are also seeking an archivist, to:

1. Locate all letters sent to or written by Alfred Russel Wallace held in the archives of institutions and in private collections worldwide and negotiate to obtain copies of these documents
2. Arrange for all correspondence to be digitised, either by the document owners or in –house
3. Catalogue each item using the project’s database system and enter scans of the documents into this system
4. Prepare a summary of each letter in agreed format
5. Carry out due diligence with regard to copyright

I am applying for this position… which is in London.

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