Casey Luskin of The Discovery Institute stated that some artwork depicting Darwin with endless forms of life for Nature‘s “15 Evolutionary Gems” (2009, PDF) “shows a picture of a smiling young Darwin with animals flocking about him (lizards, birds, monkeys, flowers, sponges, turtles, etc.), much like the pictures of Jesus posing with lions and lambs on some cheesy religious tract.”

The art itself:

Jack Scanlan over at Homologous Legs therefore had an idea:

Casey’s reactionary labeling of this image as a “Darwinist” religious icon is absurd, and deserves something just as absurd to mock it… grab any one of the many non-copyrighted images of Darwin out there and add some text that conveys a satirical representation of the idea that Darwin is a religious figure who is worshiped by biologists as Christians worship Jesus. Be as creative and hilarious as you can.

He has added several contributions in his post. Here is my mine, using a picture of I took in Cambridge, England of a stained-glass depiction of Darwin in the hall of Christ’s College, University of Cambridge; William Paley is to the left of Darwin:



For more on Luskin’s attack on Nature, watch this:

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