An updated list of history of science blogs and Twitter

UPDATE (12/2104): I have not added to this list in several years, so I’m sure it has dead links and is missing lots of new blogs. 

Since November 2009 when I gave a talk for the History of Science Society meeting in Phoenix about history of science blogging, this list of history of science blogs has increased. Here are the blogs and twitter accounts that focus on or dabble in the history of science, science and technology studies, etc., that I am aware of – please comment with others I have missed.

I keep a #histsci list on Twitter, updated frequently: @darwinsbulldog/histsci

Advances in the History of Psychology (@AHPblog)
Adventures of a Post-Doc
Alfred Russel Wallace Correspondence Project
Alfred Russel Wallace News & Views (@ARWallace)
AmericanScience: A Team Blog (@henrycowles, @danbouk) (previously History of Science in America)
Anita Guerrini
Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Centraal
Archy (& Mammoth Tales, @archymck)
Biomedicine on Display (@museionist) [now at Medical Museion, @medicalmuseion]
Boffins and Cold Warriors
BSHS Travel Guide (@BSHSNews)
The Bubble Chamber: Where history and philosophy of science meet society and public policy (@BblChamber)
Chris Renwick’s Blog (@ChrisRenwick)
Collect and Connect: Nineteenth Century Natural History
Contagions (@hefenfelth)
cosmohistory (@HistoryPhysics)
cryology and co.
Culturing Science (@hannahjwaters)
Dan Cohen’s Digital Humanities Blog (@dancohen)
Darin Hayton (@dhayton)
Darwin and Gender: The Blog (@DarwinWomen)
Darwin and Human Nature: The Blog (@DarwinHuman)
Decoding the Heavens
The Dispersal of Darwin (@darwinsbulldog)
Dissertation Reviews (@dissreviews)
Einstein’s Apple (old)
entangled bank
Ether Wave Propaganda
Evolving Thoughts (@john_s_wilkins)
False vacuum: a weblog by Aaron Sidney Wright (Notes on the History and Philosophy of Science) (@aaronswright)
Floating in a web of inter-textuality
Fossils and Other Living Things
Foundations of Science Sydney
From the Hands of Quacks: The Official Weblog of Jaipreet Virdi (@jaivirdi)
From natural history to science: The emergence of experimental philosophy
The Giant’s Shoulders (blog carnival)
A Glonk’s HPS Blog (@Rusgerkins)
Heterodoxology (@easprem)
History for a Sustainable Future (@EganHistory)
History of Economics Playground
The History of Emotions Blog
History of geology (@David_Bressan)
The History of Psychology
History of Science (from the Royal Society, see @NotesRecordsRS)
History of Science
History of Science (@emmajacobs) Blog
History of Science in America
History of Science, Medicine, and Technology at the University of Wisconsin
History of Science at Oregon State University
History of Science for the Science Classroom/Ron Gray – science educator (@grayron)
The History Student (@kathleenmcil)
The History of Vaccines Blog
hpb etc. (@Darwiniana)
HSS Graduate & Early Career Caucus
HSTM at the University of Minnesota (old)
in propria persona (@krisnelson)
The Inverse Square Blog (@TomLevenson)
IT History Society Blog (@ithistoryorg)
Jacob Darwin Hamblin (@jdhamblin)
Kele’s Science Blog (@KeleCable)
Laelaps (@laelaps)
The Lippard Blog (@lippard)
Logan Lounge (old)
Longitude Project Blog (@beckyfh)
media to explore hsci / med / tech @ ou
Meteorite Manuscripts (@MetManuscripts)
The Missing Link (old)
Morbid Anatomy (@morbidanatomy)
Mz Skeptica (@MzSkeptica)
Natural Selections (Darwin Correspondence Project)
Neuron Culture (@david_dobbs)
The Neuro Times (@TheNeuroTimes)
Non-Consensual Science
Not by Needs nor Nature (@jessephiltz)
Occam’s Trowel (old)
PACHSmörgåsbord (@pachsnet, @dhayton)
The Pauling Blog
The Perfect Vacuum, Imaginary Magnitude (@GustavHolmberg)
New Books in Science, Technology, and Society (@NewBooksSTS)
petri dish (@pandorakat)
Postgraduate Forum for the History of Medicine (@PGHistMed)
The Primate Diaries (formerly The Primate Diaries in Exile and TPD, @ericmjohnson)
Productive (Adj)
Oral Histories of Science (British Library)
OU History of Science Collections (@ouhoscurator)
Periodic Tabloid (@chemheritage)
Ptak Science Books (@ptak)
Public Historian (@publichistorian)
quod erat demonstrandum
Quodlibeta (@DrJamesHannam)
ragesoss (@ragesoss)
Rationally Speaking
Reciprocal Space (@Stephen_Curry)
Relevant History (@askpang)
The Renaissance Mathematicus (@rmathematicus)
Restricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog
In Retrospect
Roger Launius’s Blog
Saberes Subalternos
Science in Society
Science, Values, and Democracy
Sciences et savoirs: Histoires et historiographies
Scientia Curiosa (@history_geek)
Seiler on Science
A Simple Prop (@jmlynch)
Skulls in the Stars (@drskyskull)
SomeBeans (@SmallCasserole)
Somatosphere: Science, Medicine, and Anthropology (@somatosphere)
Songs from the History of Science
Stories from the Stores
STS Observatory
Telescope History
teleskopos (@beckyfh)
Textbook History (@textbooktweets)
think deviant – philosophy of science
Thinking through my fingers
Thoughts in a Haystack
through the looking glass (@alicebell)
Time to Eat the Dogs (@ExplorationBlog)
Tom’s History of Science BLOG
Transcribing Tyndall (@JohnTyndallCP)
Tycho’s Island (@tychosisland)
University of Toronto Science Instrument Collections (@UTSIC)
Until Darwin: Science & the Origins of Race
UCSD Science Studies Program
Vintage Space (@astVintageSpace)
A Voice of Reason
Walking History (@wilkohardenberg)
Wellcome Library Blog (@wellcomelibrary)
Whewell’s Ghost (@WhewellsGhost)
Whipple Library Blog (@hpslib)
William Eamon (@williameamon)
Wonders & Marvels (@history_geek)
The World’s Fair (@dnghub)
Zoonomian (@physicus)

History of science on Twitter solely:
Ann, @transfermium
Jon Agar, @jon_agar
Daniel Ansted, @DAnsted
Andrew Ball, @ehmst
Antonio Barrera, @abarreraosorio
Jennifer Bazar, @jenniferbazar
Elizabeth Bruton, @lizbruton
Keynyn Brysse, @Paleo_Girl
Gary Butt, @gbutt
Joe Cain, @drjoecain
Lizzy Campbell, @LizzyCampbell
Margaret Cavendish, @ScientificLady
Natalia Cecire, @ncecire
Center for the History of Psychology, @CHP_UA
Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of Manchester, @ManCHSTM
David Chavarría, @Dawudart
Brendan Clarke, @philmedman
Nathaniel Comfort @nccomfort
Erik Conway, @ErikMConway
Bill Cronon (@wcronon)
daveedmesh, @daveedmesh
Thomas Dixon, @ThomasDixon2011
Ralph Drayton, @rdrayton
E-Sci-Hist, @ESciHist
Randi Hutter Epstein @rhutterepstein
Graham Farmelo, @grahamfarmelo
Edward Fenner, @EdwardFenner
Mike Finn, @theselflessmeme
Kieron Flanagan, @kieronflanagan
Fundoro (FCOHC), @Fundoro
Aileen Fyfe, @AileenFyfe
Delia Gavrus, @DeliaElena
Frederick Gibbs, @fredgibbs
Neil Gussman, @sgtguss
Piers Hale, @piershale
Deborah Harkness, @DebHarkness
HarvardSTS, @Harvard STS
Vanessa Heggie, @HPS_Vanessa
Jan Helldén, @jhellden
Felicity Henderson, @felicityhen
Jan Henderson, @HealthCulture
Ian Hesketh, @ianhesketh
Phil Hurst, @philc_hurst
Historical Geography Specialty Group, @HistGeogSG
HPS Museum Leeds, @hpsmuseumleeds
HPS, University of Cambridge, @CambridgeHPS
Home of Darwin, @HomeofDarwin
Claire Jones, @Claire_L_Jones
Finn Arne Jørgensen, @finnarne
Seong-Jun Kim, @SeongJun
Alexandre Klein, @kleinalexandre
David Kohn, @DARBASE
Oliver Lagueux, @olilag
Sienna Latham, @clerestories
Linnean Society, @LinneanSociety
Marri Lynn, @Marri
Patrick McCray, @wpmccray
Pamela Mack, @pammack
Amy-Elizabeth Manlapas, @mrsmanlapas
Erika Milam, @elmilam
Museum Boerhaave, @museumboerhaave
Museum of the History of Science, @MHSOxford
NASA History Office, @NASAhistory
Richard Nash, @richardnash
Satoshi Nozawa, @st_nozawa
Eric Oosenbrug, @eric_o
Opphcx, @opphcx
Canan Öztürk, @CananOzturk7
Rebecca Pohancenik, @rpohancenik
James Poskett, @jamesposkett
Rebecca Priestley, @RKPriestley
Dave Race, @davidrace
Keith Ramsey, @keithramsey
Isaac Record, @hoobiewan
Susan Rensing, @susanrensing
Tom Reznick, @threznick
Richard, @ephistorian
Royal Institution, @rigb_science
Pedro Ruiz-Castell, @P_RuizCastell
Eric Scerri, @ericscerri
Science Museum Archives, @GalilieosBalls
Situating Science, @situsci
Society for the Study of Astronomy, @SocHistAst
Society for the Study of Natural History, @SHNHSocNatHist
Alistair S., @alistairsponsel
struthious, @struthious
STS, York Univ., @STS_YorkU
James F. Stark, @KingTekkers
Andrew Stuhl, @andrewstuhl
Carlos Tabernero, @ctabernero
Carsten Timmermann, @ctimmermann
Leucha Veneer, @LVeneer
Alexander Vka, @Alex_Vka
Matthew Wallace, @ml_wallace
Matthew White, @mattadolphus
Jakob Whitfield, @thrustvector
Grant Yamashita, @gyamashita
Jacy L. Young, @jacylyoung

Also of note, has a wonderful list of science blogs and History News Network a list of history blogs, including a section on History of Science & Technology.

Links about HoS Blogging

Gustav Holmberg, Blogging the history of science, Imaginary Magnitude (March 1, 2011)
Jai Virdi, Conversing in a Cyberspace Community: The Growth of HPS Blogging, From the Hands of Quacks (October 6, 2010)
Jai Virdi, Survey Says… and Survey Results, From the Hands of Quacks (Sept. 17, 2010)
Jai Virdi, Navigating the History of Science Blogosphere, From the Hands of Quacks (August 30, 2010)
Jai Virdi, On the Blogosphere: History of Science Blogs, From the Hands of Quacks (June 12, 2010)
Michael D. Barton, History of Science Society 2009: “Your Daily History of Science,” The Dispersal of Darwin (Nov. 25, 2010)
Will Thomas, “Blogging as Scholarship,” Ether Wave Propaganda (October 24, 2008)
Michael Robinson, “A Blog of One’s Own,” Time to Eat the Dogs, (October 27, 2008)
Loïc Charles, “Blogging for what? Blogging for whom?” History of Economics Playground (November 14, 2008)
Benjamin Cohen, “Why Blog the History of Science?” Newsletter of the History of Science Society (October 2008)
Benjamin Cohen, “Why Blog the History of Science?” The World’s Fair (October 14, 2008)
Benjamin Cohen, “What difference does the history of science make?” The World’s Fair (August 4, 2008)
John Lynch, “Blogging and history of science,” Stranger Fruit (August 4, 2008) [John now blogs at A Simple Prop]

57 thoughts on “An updated list of history of science blogs and Twitter

  1. Fantastic list! I think it’s really important that historians of science recognize the benefits of the blogosphere.

  2. Really useful – thanks! Incidentally you might want to have a look at the LitSciMed social space, where some of the students and participants are keeping blogs: It’s a bit confusing, but worth a squint.

    Incidentally, do you know much about how much these sites are used and who by? And, like On Giants Shoulders, are scientists more often blogging on history of science than historians?


  3. I like Becky’s question above. How often do historians make use of blogging sites? I don’t know of a way to track this, but it’s interesting to find out. Get on it, Michael! 😀

  4. A few more in a largely earth sciences vein:

    History of Geology Blog:
    Cryology & co.:
    Fossils and other living things:


    PALAEOBLOG (not exclusively history of science, but actually 50% or so of the posts are ‘this day in history’ type blurbs):

    [also would like to think that microecos qualify as a ‘dabbler’ in history of science, but that’s probably a grandiose assessment]

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  6. While I’m honored to have “Thoughts in Haystack” included on your list and I have frequently babbled on about history as written by others, truth in advertizing requires me to say that my place is to history of science as Cheese Whiz is to to a good French Brie.

  7. Thanks, all, for the comments!

    @Becky & @Jaipreet – this list took a while to put in blog form, so I will leave further analysis to someone else interested in doing so! I did, however, do a rather informal survey for my talk in Phoenix, with some info from it available in my slides (here).

    @Jaipreet – You mentioned before that you are writing a piece for the HSS Newsletter on blogging – is it about personal experience, or an overall look at the topic?

    I wonder if some kind of survey or request could be sent out through the H-Net HoS list serve for finding out how historians of science use blogs…

    @John – Sometimes I like Cheese Whiz… 😉

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  10. A few more in a largely earth sciences vein (I have removed the full links since I think that my previous comment got flagged as spam):

    History of Geology Blog:
    Cryology & co.:
    Fossils and other living things:


    PALAEOBLOG (not exclusively history of science, but actually 50% or so of the posts are ‘this day in history’ type blurbs):

  11. Yes, Neil – the first one went through for me to approve, probably because of the links…

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  13. Hi Michael,

    I’m going to a piece on the overall look at history of science on the blogosphere, as well as some of the context that’s been posted. I also like the idea about the survey, but maybe it’ll be more beneficial if the survey is done after the article?

    I’ll keep you posted!

  14. Your article may be a great place to mention the survey and possibly provide a link, maybe to a particular post on your blog where folks could access the survey…

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  18. I do a little hist of sci blogging now and then — an ongoing interest since I wrote my book Reef Madness, about a 150-year-long argument Darwin had with the Agassiz family about coral reefs. (Really they were arguing about how to do science.) For those interested, the book is at

    As Wired upramps the RSS and other capabilities of my (and the other new) blogs there, I hope to be able to provide a feed for my history/philosophy of science feeds.

    Thanks for putting this together. Some great stuff here.

    David Dobbs

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  23. Bora – I updated Eric’s but not David’s yet. Thanks for the reminder! I should add Hannah’s as well.

  24. Michael, thanks for this great list. The HoS grad students at the University of Wisconsin just started a blog of our own, and I’d like to link to this from the blog, with your permission.

    Scott Prinster, dissertator
    University of Wisconsin

  25. WOW….what a great list! I’ll try to read a lot of them…my site has quite a bit of history as well…for infectious diseases. Thanks for writing!

  26. Not sure if my blog ( qualifies. Could you take a look? I do my best to promote science and skepticism, although the blog is rather new. Elements of politics and atheism are to be found there too. I hope you think it’s sciency enough for your purposes. Great list, btw!

  27. Hi Luke – Thanks for bringing your attention to your blog (I’ve added it to my feed reader), but as it does not seem to have any posts specifically about the history of science, I won’t be adding it to this list. I appreciate however yoru linking to this list on your sidebar!

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  31. You made this history student and lover of science very happy with this list. Thanks!

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  33. This is the right blog for anyone who would like to understand this topic.

    You know a whole lot its almost tough to argue with you (not that I actually would want to…HaHa).

    You certainly put a new spin on a topic that’s been written about for many years. Excellent stuff, just wonderful!

  34. Hi, this is a wonderful list, thanks so much!
    I believe our blog on history of medicine was not yet born when you started this list, so may I take the egregious liberty of pointing it out:
    Thanks so much!

  35. Spot on with this write-up, I honestly think this website needs a lot more attention.
    I’ll probably be returning to read through more, thanks for the advice!

  36. Good day! I know this is kinda off topic however I’d figured I’d ask.
    Would you be interested in exchanging links or maybe guest
    writing a blog post or vice-versa? My blog goes over
    a lot of the same subjects as yours and I believe
    we could greatly benefit from each other. If you’re interested feel free to shoot me an e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you! Fantastic blog by the way!

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