14 (+ 1) Reasons Why Creationists Are More Intelligently Designed Than Evolutionists

Lifted from Pharyngula:

14 (+ 1) Reasons Why Creationists Are More Intelligently Designed Than Evolutionists

Paul DesOrmeaux

1. “Creationism” comes before “evolution” in the dictionary.
2. Radiometric dating has determined that Kirk Cameron is between 6,000 – 10,000 years old.
3. The banana has obviously been perfectly designed by a designer for eating and for using in other creative, non-edible ways.
4. Where the hell are those transitional species, like flying squirrels, for example?
5. If we evolved from monkeys, why don’t we look more like the Planet of the Apes chimps?
6. Ben Stein offers a perfect example of irreducible complexity “wherein the removal of any one of the parts [such as dying brain cells] causes the system to effectively cease functioning.”
7. Especially when filled with animal crackers, my Noah’s Ark cookie jar is an exact replica of the real deal as depicted in my illustrated Bible.
8. Evolution violates the second, third, fourth, and any future laws of thermodynamics that science types can dream up.
9. If the earth were actually billions of years old, all the water from the Genesis flood, which currently covers three-fourths of the Earth’s surface, would have disappeared down the drain by now.
10. After supposedly “millions of years,” tetrapods haven’t evolved into pentapods.
11. Evolution is only a theory, like the theory of the Scottish origin of rap music.
12. There are well known, professionally published scientists who believe in God and who think dogs can telepathically communicate with humans.
13. If you leave bread, peanut butter, and Fluff on a counter long enough, does it eventually evolve into a Fluffernutter sandwich? Not likely.
14. Contrary to claims by Darwinists, Ann Coulter is not a transitional fossil.
15. If creationism isn’t a valid alternative theory, then what are we going to do with all that crap in the Creation Museum?

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