A Perfect Farewell

As you probably know, right now I live in Butte, one hour west of Bozeman, where Montana State University is. Yesterday was my last time on campus.

Montana State University

Montana State University

Six and a half years I spent in Bozeman, my first real move away from home (Temecula, CA). It is in Bozeman that I got my bachelors degree and now masters, met my wife (here), and welcomed a little human being into this world, my son Patrick. So, for me, it was a little sad to get on Highway 90 and head back to Butte from Bozeman yesterday afternoon.

That drive takes you through another city, Belgrade, and right as you pass the exit, there’s a church next to the offramp and they have a sign visible to drivers that always displays some catchy phrase, quote, proverb, what have you. As I was approaching Belgrade, I thought to myself, ya know, in six years, for all the times I’ve driven by here, that sign has never had anything to say about evolution or science. This time, when the sign came into view, I couldn’t believe it (no pun intended):

Church sign in Belgrade, MT

Church sign in Belgrade, MT

I couldn’t ask for a more entertaining way to say goodbye to Bozeman.

9 thoughts on “A Perfect Farewell

  1. How great is that!New venture…new beginnings, “Good Luck, Michael!” I love you!

  2. If we had more hands we’d have to do even more work. That sign always bugs me. If I had even the slightest inclination to go to a church, which I don’t, that sign would make me turn and run.

  3. That’s a funny one. You should pass it on to FFRF, which prints such nonsense in their monthly journal.

  4. It’s embarrassing how often churches make a mockery of the incredibly serious issues about which they claim to be concerned. These all-too-common cute phrases make them the butt of the joke.

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