Intelligent Design is not (or is?) Creationism

Steve Fuller, a supporter of Intelligent Design, confirms that ID is Creationism in The Guardian (3 May 2010):

Intelligent design theory (ID), the latest version of scientific creationism to challenge the Darwinian orthodoxy in biology, is in the unenviable position of being damned as both bad science and bad theology.

What say you, West?

Via the British Centre for Science Education.

6 thoughts on “Intelligent Design is not (or is?) Creationism

  1. Fuller so easily equates ID with “God,” but I thought ID made no claims about who the designer is.

    Does the Discovery Institute really want him on their side?

  2. I just came across this post whilst searching for background information about a piece I’m writing on this issue (whether or not intelligent design is creationism or not), and I have to agree with West’s post – as a pure idea, intelligent design ISN’T creationism.

    However, most of the members of the Discovery Institute are creationists, so I would use the label of “intelligent design creationism” to describe the type of idea that the Discovery Institute is putting forward – their roots are in creationism, their other works are religious in nature, the people they associate with are clearly not afraid to equate the Designer with the Christian God (just read some of the posts over on Uncommon Descent – they’re practically Christian apologists), yet they hide behind the idea of pure intelligent design as their “secular shield”.

    Intelligent design still shouldn’t be taught in schools, religiously based or not, simply because it’s not scientific in any sense of the word, but equating the pure notion of intelligent design with religion is wrong.

    This is all pure semantics, and has little practical relevance to the bigger issues of getting intelligent design out of classrooms and stopping ID proponents from being taken seriously in the media, but it’s nice to be aware of. I suppose. :p

  3. Thanks for the comment, Naon. I guess I would agree, Intelligent Design ala Discovery Institute is creationism, whereas, the argument from design, say, Paley, is not.

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