Evolution Game: Evolve or Perish

Evolve or Perish boardgame

From the ETE Program at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History comes “Evolve or Perish,” an evolution-based version of Chutes & Ladders:

you use chips and a die to reach the finish. Evolve or Perish, however, also takes you through 630 million years of evolution from life in the sea to life on land. A glossary explains important events. Evolve or Perish can be played at two levels, beginner and advanced.

You can print the board and instructions from the website. The artist is Hannah Bonner. Hat-tip to Brian Switek‘s twitter feed (@Laelaps).

5 thoughts on “Evolution Game: Evolve or Perish

  1. Hmmm . . . looks like fun. Could be played alongside the “Get Saved or Go To Hell” board game. A game the whole family can play if you believe in evolution.

  2. I was being somewhat facetious, BullDog. Of course, someone can believe in God and believe in evolution. But for me it’s a little like saying someone can believe in God and believe in Santa Claus too (evolution being Santa Claus in this scenario).

    I do not believe that MACROevolution is valid because it is unsupported by the scientific evidence. But I was just having a little fun with your post. Don’t mean to offend or start a debate (unless you want me to).

  3. No offense – if you can use the game, take it. If not, you should 😉

  4. Cool, I like it very much. Very nicely drawn and prepared. Will play it with my son.

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