Should I put these 2 badges in my sidebar?

New anti-evolution campaigns from Creation Ministries International:

Question evolution!

More money-making.

Say "No Way" to Darwin Day!!

From the website:

This site is a response to the Darwin Day campaign by atheistic evolutionary believers to embed the theory of evolution as a scientific fact. A proposed petition [here] will ask President Obama to issue a proclamation that “Honors Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution by natural selection.” This is a fallacious argument but more on that later.

Why are the atheists asking the government to endorse something that is so blatantly wrong and obviously a bait and switch tactic? What’s at stake? There are only two views of how the universe, the world and you and I came to be. Either it was created or it evolved. This is a philosophical debate—ultimately, it’s not really about the science. The constitution calls for the state not to be involved in the establishment of any religion—yet a mandated religious view is being proposed. Even ardent evolutionist and former university professor Michael Ruse admitted:

“Evolution is promoted by its practitioners as more than mere science. Evolution is promulgated as an ideology, a secular religion—a full-fledged alternative to Christianity, with meaning and morality. I am an ardent evolutionist and an ex-Christian, but I must admit that in this one complaint … the literalists are absolutely right. Evolution is a religion. This was true of evolution in the beginning, and it is true of evolution still today.”

What else did Ruse write in that National Post article from May 2000?

The Creationists are wrong in their Creationism, but they are right in at least one of their criticisms. Evolution, Darwinian evolution, is wonderful science. Let us teach it to our children. And, in the classroom, let us leave it at that. The moral messages, the underlying ideology, may be worthy. But if we feel strongly, there are other times and places to preach that gospel to the world.

So, they use Michael Ruse’s writing to support something they are claiming (evolution as secular religion), but ignore what he says about creationism – they “are wrong.” Well, creationists do accept some sort of selection. I have attempted to find the article online, but all searches bring up creationist websites.

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