Dissociated Press Article on Darwin

Paul Sivitz, a PhD student in my history department (he, too, just passed his orals – congrats, Paul!), thinks he’s so funny with his little fake news pieces poking fun at his fellow historians or historians-in-the-making. I am the subject of his latest:

Darwin Draft Manuscript Found

Dissociated Press

–LONDON– While cleaning out a storage closet, workers at London’s Natural History Museum discovered a handwritten draft of a book chapter by Charles Darwin. The project, evidently never completed, seems to have been written long before any of the scientist’s other work. Several pages of notes found with the manuscript describe Darwin’s theory of evolutionary astrology. The book chapter, titled “Origin of Pisces” is full of ideas that had already been debunked by astrological scholars decades earlier. Michael Barton, a noted Darwin expert, was in London at the time doing research for his book, The Meaningless Charles Darwin, said of the manuscript, “This is even more important to uncovering the unknown parts of Darwin’s life than the discovery of the taxidermy of Darwin’s bulldog, which he had put to sleep after it bit Alfred Russel Wallace on the leg.” In the United States, Jerry Jessee, one of Barton’s fellow graduate students at Montana State University, commented on his colleague’s book project. Said Jessee, “Barton’s plan to tell us everything we don’t need to know about Darwin is workable, although somewhat misguided.”

Har dee har, Paul.

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