Think Evolution II: A summer institute for science educators

Think Evolution II

Think Evolution II

Sponsored by UCMP and the National Center for Science Education, Think Evolution II: A summer institute for science educators will be held August 2-6, 2010 at UC Museum of Paleontology, Valley Life Sciences Building, UC Berkeley. If you are a biology teacher (middle school, high school, or community college) or a science educator, then for $75 all this can be yours:

Put on your evolution eyeglasses and your nature of science thinking cap and join us for (yet another) fun-filled five days of evolutionary explorations with biologists and educators from the University of California. The Think Evolution Summer Institute, back by popular demand, will combine lectures by prominent biologists with sessions focused on hands-on activities for the middle school, high school, and community college classroom. Topics this year to include: How evolution informs big ideas; Molecular evolution — from gene trees to species phylogenies; Continued discussion of the important role of developmental biology in generating new insights into evolution; and the latest developments in human and primate evolution. Check out the most recent developments in evolution and explore how to integrate these topics into your curriculum. Follow up with biologists and participating educators at the Evo-Picnic to be held the following February.

More information and a registration form can be found here. Information about Think Evolution [I] here (pdf).

Likewise, a one-day evolution education workshop is planned for June 25 in Portland for the meeting of the Society for the Study of Evolution. Since I will be living in Portland by then, I am hoping to participate in that workshop, and will attend the free lecture later that day by Sean Carroll, recipient of the SSE’s Stephen Jay Gould Award.

Louise Mead, Education Project Director for the NCSE, will be coordinating both the UCMP and SSE workshops.

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