In time for my birthday…

From AgentDVD:

Lionsgate will release the Charles Darwin biopic Creation June 29 (order date June 2) on DVD at $27.98.

The film stars Paul Bettany as Darwin, the naturalist who formulated the theory of natural selection. Bettany’s real-life wife, Jennifer Connelly, plays Darwin’s wife, a deeply religious woman who feared her husband’s work would damage the church. Jeremy Northam and Toby Jones also star.

The movie is based on the book Annie’s Box, by Darwin’s great-great-grandson Randal Keynes. Annie was the name of Darwin’s daughter who died as a child.

Extras include an audio commentary with director Jon Amiel, the making-of documentary “The Battle for Charles Darwin,” three “Debating Darwin” featurettes, seven “Digging Deeper Into Darwin” featurettes and a “Pollard on Film: Creation” featurette.

Oh, my birthday is June 17.

2 thoughts on “In time for my birthday…

  1. I enjoyed this film when it came out in the cinema last year, and I just bought the blu-ray release last week.

    I must say I was disappointed with the extras. “The Battle for Charles Darwin” looked like it was taken from a BBC Culture Show feature which is fair enough.

    However, the features “Debating Darwin” and “Digging Deeper into Darwin” feature the following talking heads:

    Lewis Wolpert – Developmental Biologist and disbeliever in God

    Denis Alexander – Theistic Evolutionist

    Andy McIntosh – Young Earth Creationist

    Nick Spencer – author of “Darwin and God” and director of Theos, an organisation that again according to its website: “faith is not just important for human flourishing and the renewal of society, but that society can only truly flourish if faith is given the space to do so”

    These documentaries were created by an organisation called Damaris, an organisation that, according to its own website is “an educational charity with a Christian foundation”.

    There is also a pseudo-philosophical presentation given under the title “Pollard on Film: Creation”, again produced by Damaris.

    I was disappointed that a film that on record had difficulty getting released in the USA due to its subject matter has ended up on home release having features produced by organisations who are biased with particular political and religious goals.

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