Elements Song

I hadn’t heard this song until last year – it accompanies a display about the periodic table of elements at the Royal Institution in London. You can hear it from the archives. After three afternoons in the reading room, the song became very annoying.

Via LoLscience.

3 thoughts on “Elements Song

  1. I’d think it would be annoying after one hearing, but it may be generational. In my day we memorized as many Tom Lehrer songs as we could. I used this song a year ago to try out for our musical-theater group. It was deemed that I was the only one likely to make it through at speed and get all the names right, which I did. (The music, btw is by Sir Arthus Sullivan, “The Major-General’s Song” from “Pirates of Penzance”.)

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  3. Thanks, for the info, Jeff.

    They Might Be Giants: “Meet the Elements”:

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