BOOK: Darwin in Ilkley

Darwin in Ilkley

Darwin in Ilkley

Darwin in Ilkley is a short book by Mike Dixon and Gregory Radick:

When the “Origins of Species” was published on 24 November 1859, its author, Charles Darwin, was near the end of a nine-week stay in the remote Yorkshire village of Ilkley. He had come for the ‘water cure’ – a regime of cold baths and wet sheets – and for relaxation. But he used his time in Ilkley to shore up support, through extensive correspondence, for the extraordinary theory that the “Origin” would put before the world: evolution by natural selection. In “Darwin in Ilkley”, Mike Dixon and Gregory Radick bring to life Victorian Ilkley and the dramas of body and mind that marked Darwin’s visit.

Richard Carter of The Red Notebook posted about Ilkley before – read it here.

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