Podcast Beyond Belief

Podcast Beyond Belief

Podcast for Secular Parenting

Foundation Beyond Belief (website/Blog/Twitter/Facebook), the non-profit organization started by Dale McGowan (blog/Twitter), author/editor of Parenting Beyond Belief and Raising Freethinkers, now has a podcast, Podcast Beyond Belief (Facebook):

The fathers at Science-Based Parenting are producing a new podcast affiliated with Foundation Beyond Belief called “Podcast Beyond Belief”. We’re teaming up with Laurie Tarr of Rational Moms, Elyse Anders from Skepchick, and Heidi Anderson from She Thought to bring you an assortment of interesting interviews, audio articles, and parenting news targeted toward freethinking families.

The first episode is with Dale McGowan himself (“What is Secularism?”). Listen here.

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