… the stupid, it burns!

Rachel Maddow with Bill Nye (@thescienceguy) on climate change denial (mentions of evolution):

And Keith Olbermann on David Barton and revisionist history (compared to creationism) in Texas:


1 thought on “Um…

  1. Of course everyone knows that one weather event is not proof either way of climate change. Everyone except Al Gore who used Katrina as an example of global warming.

    Taken in context, the clips Rachel Madow shows are sattire. They are jokes. And the reason they are funny is because they make fun of all the global warming alarmists that have used every warm event in the past 5 years to prove their case.

    Bill Nye is good as a scientist in the lab, but not good on the subject of global warming – mostly because it is becoming more clear that global warming is much more a political issue than science.

    Let’s look at Bill Nye’s “scientific” arguments
    1) skeptics are unpatriotic. Sorry bill but that is a political argument, not a scientific argument.

    2)The side one is on is generational. Younger people believe in global warming – therefore it must be true. Hmmm I’ll have to ponder the science of that.

    3) The IPCC has won major awards like the nobel prize. Didnt Obama win a Nobel Prize? It must be scientific. It cant be political. LMAO

    And I loved the way he corrected Rachel – Cant call it global warming anymore… gotta call it climate change. That way we can blame the skeptics when it gets warmer or colder.

    Bill Nye opened my eyes to lots of scientific principles over the years. I think the fact that he cant come up with scientific support for global warming is all the proof I need that it is a political issue.

    Lets try to keep proven science (evolution) and politics (global warming) seperate. Otherwise creationists will be able to discredit all scientists as more revelatioins about the IPCC (a political body practicing bad science) emerge.

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