Antievolutionist says my reshelving unscientific books is “a global terrorist action”

Enézio E. de Almeida Filho writes the following on his blog Desafiando a Nomenklatura Científica (with the help of Google Translate, Portugeuse –> English, because he’s in São Paulo, Brazil):

Terrorist action of the agents of the KGB Nomenklatura scientific bookshops
Monday, February 08, 2010

I had noticed it in bookstores, but could not explain why the books of Michael Behe as the Darwin’s Black Box and The Edge of Evolution, and other books of critics and opponents of Darwinism did not appear in the science section, and but in religion or so well hidden in the science section.

Folks, I almost could not believe it: this is a global terrorist action of the agents of the KGB Nomenklatura international scientific community. And they, like the Hitler Youth who publicly burned books, they feel happy to do it, making access to information of extreme views of evolution. They find that the most about blogging and encourage such practice nefarious and abject. Thing kid. From child does, something of a thief:

1. [1]

2. Reiterating the criminal activity in the United States of America blog:

3. An American student graduate in History of Science and is proud of the crime:

Folks, if fact, Fact, FACT of evolution is a scientific fact as supported by the ‘mountain of evidence’ as the law of gravity, why these guys do it?

1. This blog Discussing Ecology is part of the Research Blogging refusing my blog for trivial reasons alleged by the leaders Indians. Glad you turned me down, I’d feel very bad now walking hand in hand with kids, oops criminals …

Call it rationality. I call obscurantism unspeakable. Can even nausea …

Why the need to link my post twice?

3 thoughts on “Antievolutionist says my reshelving unscientific books is “a global terrorist action”

  1. Well, I do have German ancestry… but my grandmother, 80 this may, is a German Jew, lived in Africa during the Nazi period, and met a man from Massachusetts stationed in Germany after the war – my grandfather. A wonderful photo.

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