“What’s New” at Darwin Online

These were added to The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online between December 25 and December 28, 2009:

A new translation of the Origin of species into Portuguese, courtesy of Nuno Gomes:

Darwin, C. R. 2009. A origem das espécies através da selecção natural ou a preservação das raças favorecidas na luta pela sobrevivência. Edited by Nuno Gomes. Translated by Ana Afonso. PlanetaVivo. Text PDF

A newly discovered Darwin publication! Courtesy of a Private Collection, Virginia:

Darwin, C. R. 1840. On the connexion of certain volcanic phenomena in South America; and on the formation of mountain chains and volcanos, as the effect of the same powers by which continents are elevated. [Read 7 March 1838] Transactions of the Geological Society of London (Ser. 2) 5 (3): 601-631, pl. 49, 3 figs. [Offprint in original wrappers, mostly uncut, with unique slip describing the illustrations.] Text & image PDF

Anon. 1882. [Obituary of] Charles Darwin. The Nation no. 878 (27 April): 354-5. Image Scans courtesy of Richard Kool.

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