History of Science session at Science Online 2010

Eric and John have posted a video and a transcript, respectively, of their session “An Open History of Science” at Science Online 2010. Here is the video:

And click on over here to read John’s part. Eric summarizes their session:

John McKay and I led a discussion on the intersection between open access and scientific innovation. See the program description here and these posts for more information. In John’s section he emphasized how the early history of scientific publishing was one where individual researchers simply pooled their letters into journals and shared them with one another as they built on each other’s ideas. Frequently the ideas they discussed would be subject to censorship by political or religious authorities and the tension between open science and closed societies has long been a factor in how successful scientific innovation has been in a given time.

As I discuss above, this history can help us inform the present considerations of open access publishing and offer a guide as we consider future policy decisions.

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