“Creation” Reviews

Creation opens today in the U.S.

Creation opens today in the U.S.

While Creation is already on DVD in the UK (and here if you like to download stuff), the film opens today in select major cities in the U.S. (the NCSE has a list of those cities and theaters or on the film’s Facebook page). I will keep adding reviews or interesting coverage of Creation (IMDb, Yahoo!, RT) to this list as I see them:

The Guardian: Paul Bettany: Playing Darwin with Creation (2/12/09)

WIRED UK (News Culture): Creation – the story behind Darwin’s big idea (8/28/09)

Evolving Thoughts: The new Darwin film (9/6/09)

The Opinionator Blog (Olivia Judson): The Creation of Charles Darwin (9/8/09)

Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert): Darwin walks out on Genesis (9/10/09)

Pharyngula: Roger Ebert doesn’t review Creation (9/11/09)

Panda’s Thumb: ‘Creation’: A drama about the life of Charles Darwin (by Eugenie Scott) (9/11/09)

Variety: Creation (U.K.) (9/10/09)

Tree of Life: Creation: interactive map better than the film? (9/22/09)

Guardian (Comment is free): Creation is a fitting tribute to Darwin (9/23/09)

Times Online: Creation: Origin of the specious (9/25/09)

Zoonomian: Creation (9/25/09)

The Daily Mirror: Film review: Creation (9/25/09)

Answers in Genesis: Creation in the Making (9/25/09)

Guardian (The Observer): Creation (9/27/09)

The Rough Guide to Evolution: First Thoughts on “Creation” (9/27/09)

Creation Ministries International: Review of Creation the movie – Sanitizing evolution (10/15/09)

The Dispersal of Darwin: Saw ‘Creation’ (10/29/09)

The Red Notebook: Creation review (11/2/09)

LA Weekly: Go Creation (12/23/09)

Los Angeles Times: ‘Creation’ (12/25/09)

The Sensuous Curmudgeon: “Creation” the movie: US Premier on 22 (1/8/10)

New York: 52 Minutes With Paul Bettany (1/10/10)

Skepchick: “Creation” Premieres in Selected Cities (1/13/10)

CBS News: The Evolution of Charles Darwin (1/18/10)

Chicago Sun-Times: Bettany admits to feelings for his leading lady (1/19/10)

The Christian Post: ‘Creation’ Movie to Make U.S. Debut (1/19/10)

CFI (A Skeptic Reads the Newspaper): Review of “Creation” New Film about Darwin (1/19/10)

HAO Blog: Movie Review: Creation (1/19/2010)

Brand X: ‘Creation’: On the origins of Darwin’s ‘Species’ with Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly (1/20/10)

The Sensuous Curmudgeon: Creation the Movie: Box Office Data Source (1/20/10)

Vanity Fair: Paul Bettany’s Journey to the Dawn of Creation (1/20/10)

Young Freethought: Creation – A Film About Darwin the Man (1/20/10)

PARADE: Paul Bettany on Charles Darwin: “He Was an Atheist and So Am I” (1/20/10)

The Toronto Sun: ‘Creation’ fails to deliver (1/21/10)

Rolling Stone: Creation (1/21/10)

The Wall Street Journal: Brit Grit, Anger and Power (1/21/10)

The New Yorker: Survival Stories: “Creation” and “The Girl on the Train” (1/21/10)

Why Evolution Is True: Anthony Lane reviews Creation (1/21/10)

NPR: Grappling With ‘Creation’ In The Shadow Of Death (1/21/10)

NPR: Randal Keynes: When Darwin Is In Your Family Tree (1/21/10)

CBC News: Paul Bettany is a sympathetic Darwin in this well-meaning but sentimental biopic (1/21/10)

The Loom: Anthony Lane on Darwin (1/21/10)

LiveScience: Charles Darwin: Family Man, Scientist and Skeptic (1/21/10)

AnAtheist.net: Creation Opens Tomorrow in the United States! (1/21/10)

Thoughts from Kansas: Creation (2009) (1/22/10)

Fast Forward Weekly: Creation lacks intelligent design (1/21/10)

USA Today: ‘Creation’ has good star, lovely visuals, few answers (1/22/10)

The Washington Post: Creation: Tale of Darwin loses its grasp (1/22/10)

New York Daily News: Jon Amiel’s ‘Creation,’ starring Paul Bettany as Darwin, moves across screen like Galapagos tortoise (1/22/10)

The Boston Globe: Creation: The agonies of Darwin (1/22/10)

San Francisco Chronicle: Review: Darwin film flawed, but intriguing (1/22/10)

The New York Times: The Great Evolutionist Bares His Own Soul (1/22/10)

A Natural Evolution: Creation Reviewed (1/22/10)

CSI/Skeptical Inquirer: Review of Creation & Interview with Randall Keynes (1/22/10)

Institute for Creation Research: ‘Creation’ Movie Debuts in U.S. (1/22/10)

The Sensuous Curmudgeon: A Creationist’s Review of “Creation” the Movie (1/22/10)

The Christian Science Monitor: Creation: movie review (1/22/10)

Time: Creation: The Origin of Darwin’s Origin of Species (1/22/10)

True/Slant: Creation… the Movie (by Michael Shermer, Skeptic) (1/22/10) [also on skepticblog (1/26/10)]

StarNews Online: Let’s talk about “Creation,” baby! Darwin movie debut excludes the South (1/22/10)

MSNBC (Cosmic Log): Darwin’s Difficult ‘Creation‘ (1/22/10)

NPR: ‘Creation’ Portrays Darwin Conflicted Over Faith (1/22/10)

The Los Angeles Times: The Origin of Darwin (Q&A with Keynes) (1/23/10)

411mania.com: Creation Review (1/23/10)

Scientific American: Creating Darwin’s Biopic (1/23/10)

Cinematical: Review: Creation (1/23/10)

The Sensuous Curmudgeon: Creation: 1st Weekend Box Office Results (1/24/10)

WIRED UK (News Culture): Creation gets up close, very personal with Darwin (1/25/10)

Discover (80 beats): Can America Not Handle the Science in “Creation” & “Extraordinary Measure”? (1/25/10)

Discovery News: New Darwin Film Creates Controversy (1/26/10)

Metro (UK): DVD Review: Creation ‘is an important story well told’ (1/26/10)

Laelaps: Movie Review: Creation (1/26/10)

ABC News/Nightline: Movie Sparks Battle Over the Bible (1/26/10)

New Scientist: Hollywood’s Darwin: No match for the real thing (1/27/10)

PRI’s The World Science: Creation: A Conversation with Darwin’s Descendant (?)

TheScientist.com: Creation: The good, the bad, and the ugly (1/29/10)

The Sensuous Curmudgeon: Creation: 2nd Weekend Box Office Results (2/1/10)

EvolutionBlog: My Review of Creation (2/1/10)

Gene Expression: Creation (2/5/10)

My Kids Deserve Better: Creation (2/6/10)

Daylight Atheism: Movie Review: Creation (2/6/10)

The Sensuous Curmudgeon: Creation: 3rd Weekend Box Office Results (2/7/10)

New University: Who Made This ‘Creation’? (2/8/10)

Newsweek: The Death of the Biopic (2/11/10)

John Reardon: Creation and Charles Darwin (2/15/10)

The Pitt News: Movie shows Darwin’s struggle with theology, science (2/15/10)

Roger Ebert: Creation (2/17/10)

North County Times: MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Creation’ provides new evidence in life of Darwin (2/17/10)

San Diego Union Tribune: ‘Creation’ loose with facts of Darwin’s evolution (2/19/10)

AnnArbor.com: “Creation” tiptoes around momentous subject (3/15/10)

Issues in Science and Technology Online: Charles Darwin and the Human Face of Science (Winter 2010)

DarwinWatch: Mis-Creation – A Movie Review (4/18/2010)

Dinochick Blogs: Movie Review: Creation (7/17/2010)

Evolving Thoughts: Creation, a personal reflection on the movie (7/18/2010)

Exploring Our Matrix: Creation (7/20/2010)

Victorian Skeptics: Creation – Movie Review (7/23/2010)

Thinking Christian: Movie Review: Creation (7/24/2010)

Down the Cellar: Creation (8/16/2010)

The Heretic’s Haven: Creation (8/16/2010)

Artist Inlet Press: Creation (9/24/2010)


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