Origin Unknown: The Lost Sketchbook of Charles Darwin

The Origin Unknown

The Origin Unknown

From the blog of Meltdown Comics:

Origin Unknown: The Lost sketchbook of Charles Darwin is a series of reconstructed journal remnants discovered off the shores of a remote island in Indonesia forensic studies have lead the scientific community to believe that they were in fact penned by Charles Darwin during his travels. After decades of restoration, anthropologist Dr. J. B. Doronio has compiled these drawings, footnotes, and salvaged logs and turned them into a series of books that would come to be known within scientific circles as The Origin Unknown Documents. Through these documents, Charles Darwin reveals several specimens that still remain undiscovered, as well as offering us a glimpse into what seems to be a documented personal psychedelic experience. This psychedelic experience has led skeptics to doubt whether or not his observational drawings correspond to living creatures or a hallucinatory experience. This book is presented to you as physical evidence of a great man’s journey, the decision to believe that Darwin’s discoveries were of the physical sort or meta-physical sort is left up to the reader.

Only 10 of these have been made. Out of these, only 6 are still available for purchase at Meltdown Comics.

I found out that they are going for US $40. I can’t find where it is on their website, so contact gaston AT meltcomics DOT com if you’re interested.

The Origin Unknown

The Origin Unknown

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