Darwin Actor Visits the Creation Museum

Bettany Preparing to Believe

Bettany Preparing to Believe

On Ken Ham’s blog Around the World (at the Answers in Genesis website), he shares about Creation-actor Paul Bettany’s visit to the Creation Museum:

Last week, a film crew for the evening TV news program Nightline on ABC was here–doing a story on the film Creation (which is really about evolution–it’s a drama on Darwin’s life), which opens in U.S. theaters on January 22. It had a run in UK theaters during “The Year of Darwin” (2009 was the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth).

In light of the Creation film, ABC wanted to get our perspective on Darwin’s life and how controversial he was. The interview lasted 25 minutes, and then the crew filmed me in different parts of the museum.

You may recall–from reading my blog a few months ago—that the star of Creation is the actor (seen in The Da Vinci CodeMaster and Commander, etc.) Paul Bettany. He and two colleagues (one of them is the well-known British writer A.A. Gill) toured the Creation Museum in June.

Gill is the author of a Vanity Fair magazine article due next month on our museum and the new Darwin film, and Bettany–who came to the museum with an expensive camera—is supplying the photos for the Gill piece. Gill is an atheist, which makes us doubt his article will be complimentary—but perhaps the photos of our museum will turn out well!

A staff member at our sister ministry in the UK–who saw Creation last year—helped us write a review of the film.

As soon as we know when the Nightline interview with me is aired on ABC-TV, we will post that info on this website. Here is a photo of the video crew interviewing a museum visitor–from Canada–about his thoughts regarding Darwin.

I just learned this morning that in the current edition of New York magazine (the January 10 issue of this weekly magazine), Bettany mentions his visit to the Creation Museum and called the museum (as he has done before) “bananas.”

Is it mean that I find the above photo hilarious? Here is the New York interview, “52 Minutes With Paul Bettany.” Follow Creation on Twitter @Creation_Movie, which opens in limited release (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, and Boston) on January 22nd.

[Hat-tip to Todd Fife]

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