Help Wanted: Darwin in Puck Magazine

Darwin in Puck Magazine, originally uploaded by darwinsbulldog.

“The Universal Church of the Future – From the Present Religious Outlook,” Puck Magazine, January 10, 1883. Darwin is featured in one of the portraits in the upper right.

Description: “The times change, and we change with them. When this cartoon was designed, the popular theological fad was the harmonization of science and religion, and the immediate cause of its appearance was some utterance, now forgotten, but at the time considered highly audacious, of the Reverened Heber Newton. It was, we believe, the introduction of the practice of ‘slumming’ which changed the current of clerical taste.”

Scanned from H.C. Bunner, ed. and J. Keppler, A Selection of Cartoons from Puck Magazine (New York: Keppler and Schwarzmann, 1893), 35.

Puck was sort of an American version of Punch Magazine (a 2002 article in Endeavour looked at science portrayed in Punch).

I know of at least one other Puck cartoon that features Darwin with his “disciples” (including Tyndall), titled “Reason Against Unreason” (see image below). I first saw it on eBay (should have bought it), have seen another poor scan on Flickr with text in German, and am struggling to find a better image of the cartoon (this was why I interlibrary loaned the aforementioned volume, but the cartoon unfortunately was not in there). If anyone can help in tracking down a better scan of this image, I would be grateful.

Reason Against Unreason, Puck Magazine, 1882

2 thoughts on “Help Wanted: Darwin in Puck Magazine

  1. Hi,
    I have a good quality copy of the Darwin/Tyndall Puck picture and also a letter from Tyndall while in the alps if this of interest.
    Let me know.

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