Auto-tuning Darwin

If you follow science blogs, you’ve likely seen one or more of the Symphony of Science videos, music attached to auto-tuned lyrics from prominent scientists and science popularizers (Sagan, Dawkins, Feynman, Hawking, Tyson, Nye). In the fourth installment, “The Unbroken Thread,” we get Attenborough and Goodall singing about evolution and life on Earth:

Here are the first three videos:

“A Glorius Dawn”

“We Are All Connected”

“Our Place in the Cosmos”

3 thoughts on “Auto-tuning Darwin

  1. Thanks, Michael, for this heads up on the latest installment of Symphony of Science. I love these – they do a good job conveying the majesty of the natural universe.

  2. Maybe there will be enough videos this year for there to be a Symphony of Science album – in time for Christmas!

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