There is nothing wrong with putting our religion in the public schools

The degree-milled Ph.D. dissertation (1991) of notable creationist and jailbird Kent Hovind has been scanned and made available (find it here). I like this bit:

Many say “We can’t mix religion and the public schools.” In the first place, that is a faulty argument. The public schools desperately need some religion. They were started by religious institutions. There is nothing wrong with putting our religion in the public schools.

Really, Kent? Who is our? Does that include any non-Christian religions? Doubt it.

I had the opportunity to see Hovind speak at local churches twice while I was in southern California. At one talk (I dare not call it a lecture!) I asked him what his opinion is concerning other religions. His answer: “The were all created by Satan to distract people from Jesus Christ.” Just like Satan created evolution. I do own a cute little raptor claw replica from his merchandise table, about the only good thing I got out of it.

Satan did it

Satan did it

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