Dating Creationists

I was being lazy and watching TV last night. Ended up on an episode of Frasier from 2004. To my enjoyment, it included a creationist. Frasier signs up for an expensive matchmaker service:

Frasier is at first taken aback at Charlotte’s $10,000 fee – payable upfront, but Charlotte counters by asking him how much all those bad dates over the years have cost! She sets Frasier up with a series of women, who he decides he will take to the same restaurant, so the setting will not affect his decision, but each and every one seems to be a disaster – from a woman who believes in Creationsim [sic] to a horny drunk – leaving Frasier rather disappointed and was hoping rather more for his $10,000.

I’ve tried to find the episode (“Match Game”) online, but with no luck. In lieu of that, here is a clip from this season’s premiere of The Big Bang Theory (also on NBC):

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