Two Darwin/evolution issues of ‘Science & Education’

The journal Science & Education is devoting two 2010 issues to “Darwin and Darwinism: Historical, Philosophical, Cultural and Pedagogical Studies” [Volume 19 (3-8), 2010, PDF], including the following articles (click the links for their abstracts):

Science & Education Volume 19 Nos. 3-5 March-May 2010, “Darwin and Darwinism: Historical, Philosophical & Cultural Studies”:

DAVID W. RUDGE & KOSTAS KAMPOURAKIS / Darwin and Darwinism: An Introduction

Science & Education Volume 19 Nos. 6-8 June-August 2010, “Darwin and Darwinism: Pedagogical Studies”:

MIKE U. SMITH / Current Status of Research in Teaching and Learning Evolution: I. Philosophical and Epistemological Issues

MIKE U. SMITH / Current Status of Research in Teaching and Learning Evolution: II. Pedagogical issues

MARINA L. TAVARES ,MARÍA PILAR JIMÉNEZ-ALEIXANDRE, & EDUARDO F. MORTIMER / Articulation of Conceptual Knowledge and Argumentation Practices by High School Students in Evolution Problems

MARIA FÁTIMA MARCELOS & RONALDO L NAGEM / Structural Models of Similarities and Differences between Vehicle and Target in Order to Teach Darwinian Evolution

PAUL THAGARD & SCOTT FINDLAY / Getting to Darwin: Obstacles to Accepting Evolution by Natural Selection

KOSTAS KAMPOURAKIS & WILLIAM F. MCCOMAS/ Charles Darwin and Evolution: Illustrating Human Aspects of Science

ESTHER MARIA VAN DIJK & THOMAS A.C. REYDON / A Conceptual Analysis of Evolutionary Theory for Teacher Education

TONIE L. STOLBERG / Teaching Darwinian Evolution: Learning from Religious Education

THOMAS GLICK / The Comparative Reception of Darwinism: A Brief History

C MACKENZIE BROWN / Hindu Responses to Darwinism: Assimilation and Rejection in a Colonial and Post‐Colonial Context

DENIZ PEKER, GULSUM G COMERT & AYKUT KENCE / Three Decades of Anti-Darwinism in Turkey and Its Results: Turkish Undergraduates’ Acceptance and Understanding of Biological Evolution Theory

ROBERT PENNOCK / The Postmodern Sins of Intelligent Design Creationism

ANYA PLUTYNSKI / Should Intelligent Design be Taught in Public School Science Classrooms?

JOACHIM ALLGAIER / Scientific Experts and the Controversy about Teaching Creationism in the UK Press

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