Another history of science blog…

Possibly because this blog is without an RSS feed, I left it out of my list of history of science blogs I put together for my talk in Phoenix last month. The blog is PACHSmörgåsbord from the Philadelphia Area Center for History of Science, and has been around since January 2009:

Our Center is entering its second year of activity.  Our fellowship program is up and running.  We have a colloquium series, brown bag lunches, public lectures and scholarly symposia.  This website offers lots of information including a rich calendar of events sponsored by the Center, by members of our consortium, and other institutions in the area.  We are working on exhibits and events and online research tools.  In other words, things are hopping around here.

Some of that activity is already represented on this site.  Much of it is not, yet.  This blog will have posts about our events, about area exhibits, about interesting meetings that don’t quite fit on our calendar, courses being offered, job openings in the area, and about life in Philly.  The contributors will be our fellows and staff as well as our friends and colleagues.

So come back to see whats happening, post your comments, and send us items that you think might be interesting to post here.


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