Darwin Issue of The American Biology Teacher

The February 2009 issue of The American Biology Teacher (Vol. 71, No. 2) was devoted to Darwin and evolution education. Here is the table of contents:

We Are All Intellectual Descendants of Charles Darwin
Randy Moore

The Struggle for Existence: 1859 & Today
Joseph A. Walsh

The Influence of Darwin on Evolutionary Algorithms from “Dinner with Darwin”
David L. Overbye

Putting Darwin in His Place: The Need To Watch Our Language
Paul S. Braterman & J. Britt Holbrook

Spork & Beans: Addressing Evolutionary Misconceptions
Stephen R. Burton & Christopher Dobson

A Suggested Project-Based Evolution Unit for High School: Teaching Content Through Application
Kristin Cook

Darwin, Earthworms & Circadian Rhythms: A Fertile Field for Science Fair Experiments
John T. Burns, Paul J. Scurti, & Amy M. Furda

Teaching Evolution Through Inquiry-Based Lessons of Uncontroversial Science
Larisa R.G. Desantis

Darwin & the Strategic Plan
Maura C. Flannery

Celebrating Darwin’s Errors
Douglas Allchin

Book Reviews
Elizabeth Cowles

Rejecting Darwin: The Occurrence & Impact of Creationism in High School Biology Classrooms
Randy Moore & Sehoya Cotner

Explaining Biogeographic Data: Evidence for Evolution
Paul M. Beardsley, Stephen R. Getty, & Paul Numedahl


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