150th Anniversary of Origin of Species = Educate Your Kids About Evolution Day

Today I am not headed to campus, although I’ve got a stack of papers to grade, and I am keeping Patrick home from preschool. He really missed me when I was in Phoenix, and I just want to have a lazy day with my son. Speaking of spending time with your children, what better way to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species (yes, that’s today!) than to watch a video of kids* answering the question “What is evolution?” put together by the folks at Charlie’s Playhouse:

Does your kid know what evolution is? Why not take this important anniversary to educate that little someone in your life. And share it with Charlie’s Playhouse.

*You may have noticed, the boy in the video chomping on a cracker is my son, Patrick. When I asked him about evolution he was too concerned with his snack to humor me.

And there are two pieces in newspapers that suggest ways of teaching your kids about evolution on this day:

“A dozen reasons to celebrate Darwin” by Deborah Heiligman, author of Charles and Emma: The Darwins’ Leap of Faith

“Nature’s Littlest Scientists” by Mary Carmichael

Colin Purrington also reflects on evolution and kids at his blog, Axis of Evo.

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