Creationist “Origin” being handed out today!

I saw this on Twitter earlier today, from @LydiaGibson:

Just got a free copy of origin of the species, refreshing change from the usual new testament hand outs #darwin

I wondered if this was the creationist version of On the Origin of Species that Ray Comfort planned on handing out at 100 universities on Thursday, November 19. Well, aware of NCSE’s Don’t Diss Darwin campaign, it seems that maybe they decided to hand them out today without announcing it. Sneaky creationists!

Eric at The Primate Diaries confirms that indeed they are being handed out today. So, get out of your classroom, office, or wherever and find those creationist pawns handing out misleading Darwin texts and snatch them up…

Comments in Eric’s post include folks with pictures of their creationist collectible.

From the NCSE:


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