Cartooning Evolution, 1861-1925

"The Wasp" (April 28, 1882)

"The Wasp" (April 28, 1882) - "The Late Charles Darwin"

Mark Aldrich of Smith College has collected and put up a website for a bunch of cartoons from newspapers dealing with Darwin, evolution, and the Scopes Monkey Trial. He found these as “a byproduct of searching for old political cartoons on railroads.” I think it’s great that he decided to make them available publicly!

Check out Cartooning Evolution, 1861-1925 here, or head specifically to sections on Darwin and Evolution, Evolution as Social Comment, Victorian Science, The Scopes Trial: Northern Newspapers, The Scopes Trial: National Magazines, and The Scopes Trial: Southern Newspapers. What a resource for historians of science… I was hoping to see a better scan of this cartoon that mentions John Tyndall in the collection, but it’s not:

in Punch, by Charles Keene

in Punch, by Charles Keene, date??

Thanks to Glenn Branch of the NCSE for telling me about this website.


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