Forthcoming Book from Brian Switek

Brian Switek’s Laelaps has been one of my favorite blogs since I emerged into the blogging world in 2007. Many times I have told him that he should be majoring in the history of science. I am happy to see his announcement for his new (and first!) book, Written in Stone, out in 2010:

In it I tell the stories of some of the most magnificent evolutionary transitions in the vertebrate fossil record, such as the evolution of birds from feathered theropod dinosaurs and whales from land-dwelling ancestors, and I use the history of science to sketch our changing understanding of these major events in vertebrate evolution.Written in Stone is not just a compendium of evidence for evolution from the vertebrate fossil record. It is a grand tale that traces the circuitous path our perception of evolutionary history has taken over the past 200 years.

You should look forward to it.

On another note, too bad we didn’t get to meet face to face during his western excursion, especially while he was in Yellowstone.


One thought on “Forthcoming Book from Brian Switek

  1. Thanks for the post and the compliments, Michael! You will be glad to know that the history of science is a major part of the book. I think it is important to recount how we came to understand what we know now about the evolutionary transitions I talk about. I hope you will like it.

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