One week and counting…

… until the fall semester starts. I’ve still got some summer reading to finish up. I’ve been spending time at our new apartment in Butte, Montana. Butte is about an hour (or a little more) west of Bozeman. Since July, my wife Catherine has been working her new job as the digital collections librarian at the Butte-Silverbow Public Library. Bozeman did not have much available for the kind of library job she needed. We planned on her communting to and fro, while I finish up my last year at MSU, and Patrick goes to the on-campus-daycare. Well, it turns out we are changing that. Over the next month we will move to the apartment in Butte (which cuts our rent in half), Patrick will attend a daycare in Butte, and I will commute for school.

So, this semester I have 2 graduate courses myself: world history and 3 credits to work on my own research. I am going to be a teaching assistant (my first time) for a religion course that focuses on the history of Jerusalem over four millenia and the intersection of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam there. This requires me to attend the lectures each week, and facilitate discussion in four 50-minute sessions each week, each with from 20-25 students. The class looks at history, and will not, the professor tells me, be about the theology.

On top of my classes and TAing, in October I am headed to London for a research trip to archives – to the Royal Institution for John Tyndall material (my master’s research), and Kew Gardens for Joseph Dalton Hooker material (for more work on my paper about Darwin’s seed dispersal experiments, which, having presented it at the conference in Cambridge in July, may get published as part of a volume from the Geological Society of London). November sees me attending my first meeting of the History of Science Society, in Phoenix. I will be giving a talk about my experience with blogging about the history of science (the student’s perspective). Another presenter in my session will discuss using blogs for teaching, and another about online image collections and teaching. I think someone was to present on teaching and history of science podcasts, but backed out. I am looking forward to this meeting because I will get to meet yet more science bloggers, and folks connected with the John Tyndall Correspondence Project.

A busy semester, but one I am excited about!


Yellowstone National Park, 1 Aug 2009

2 thoughts on “One week and counting…

  1. That’s awesome! Your London research trip sounds like a lot of fun – we’ll have to meet up for lunch one day. Great photo, too!

  2. Yes, we should meet up. I will let you know sooner to the trip what days I could. Still waiting for the RI to confirm my appointment.

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