Evolution: a journal of nature

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Politcal cartoon from Evolution: a journal of nature

Political cartoon from Evolution: a journal of nature

Joe Cain of University College London has made available in its entirety the ephemeral journal Evolution: a journal of nature, which consisted of 21 issues between 1927 and 1938:

This page provides information about this otherwise lost magazine in the 1920s and 1930s devoted to promoting the teaching of evolution in US public schools. It was produced by pro-evolutionists following the Scopes Trial in 1925 to give teachers material for responding to creationist pressures.

The journal described in its first issue:

This magazine will help bridge that gap by furnishing a forum in which science itself can speak in popular language without fear of the restraints with which fundamentalists are seeking to shackle them.


Evolution will be non-political, so that all upholders of academic freedom can support and use it no matter how they differ on other issues. It will be non-religious, never making any effort to reconcile science with religion. Nor will it make atheism its mission. It will carry the positive message of facts from every field of natural science and leave it to the reader to make his own mental readjustment.

All issues can be downloaded as PDFs, and there are lists organzing the contents of the issues by issue or by author. This page compiles the political cartoons featured in Evolution.

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