Cambridge Trip #1: Traveling

Thursday, July 9, 2009

On Thursday, July 9th I headed from Bozeman to Cambridge, England to participate in the conference “Darwin in the Field: Collecting, Observation and Experiment” held at the Sedgwick Museum of the Earth Sciences. Besides the student conference at UNCW back in March, this was my first conference. I will talk about the conference in another post. This post highlights instead that this trip was my first time traveling out of the United States (and only my third time flying!). So, in several ways, I was exciting for the trip – going to another country, flying over an ocean, etc. I’ve never been to New York, but I can now say I have seen the Empire State Building:

New York from the plane

New York from the plane

It’s in the photo, on the horizon. A nice view from my departing plane:

Sunset in New York

Sunset in New York

Most of the flight over the Atlantic was through the night. Seeing the light of the moon shimmer on the surface of the ocean was a new sight for me, and I could not help, given the paper I was preparing to present at the conference (same one as the UNCW conference), but imagine seeds floating among the currents. The view over Wales was pretty neat – I love the higgledy-piggledy nature of the fields, unlike the right angles you would see when flying over the Midwest.

Fields of Wales

Fields of Wales

As the plane approached Heathrow airport in London, some famous sites were visible:

Thames River, London

Thames River, London

London Bridge

Tower Bridge

London Eye (Ferris Wheel)

London Eye (Ferris Wheel)

We also flew right over Kew Gardens (I recognized the Temperate House), but didn’t take any photos. When I got to Heathrow, I made my way via the London Underground to King’s Cross Station to catch a train to Cambridge. The tube track failed at the station just before King’s Cross. So I had to get up above, and walk with my luggage to King’s Cross. That part was fine. Getting to the ground from the station below, however, was horrid. I decided on going up some spiral stairs because the lines for the elevators were enormous. Nobody told me how deep he tube really is!!! My legs were sore for days after. This is where I emerged from the underground:

Russell Square

Russell Square

And here is King’s Cross Station:

Kings Cross Station

King's Cross Station

I got to Cambridge just fine. Checked into my room at Downing College, and then met up with Karen James of NHM & the HMS Beagle Project, who was in Cambridge for the Darwin Festival. More to come in later posts…

You can view all the photos from my trip here, if you feel so inclined.

5 thoughts on “Cambridge Trip #1: Traveling

  1. Looks and sounds like you had a great trip! The photos are wonderful, can’t wait for further installments. It is funny looking at the fields of Wales, after seeing those if the US for so long.

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