PODCAST: Jim Secord on “Darwin and the Ancient Earth”

As part of hosting the art exhibit Endless Forms: Darwin, Natural Science & the Arts (opening June 16th), the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, England is doing a series of podcasts. First up, Jim Secord (historian of science and director of the Darwin Correspondence Project, on “Darwin and the Ancient Earth: Dinosaurs and the ‘Deep Past’ in the 19th-Century Imagination”:

Why was the young Darwin’s fascination with geology so important for his later work? And why was prehistory so popular in early nineteenth-century Britain? 

Download or listen online (with a slideshow) here.

VIDEO: Endless forms: Charles Darwin, Natural Science and the Visual Arts
EXHIBIT: Endless Forms: Charles Darwin, Natural Science and the Visual Arts

5 thoughts on “PODCAST: Jim Secord on “Darwin and the Ancient Earth”

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  3. It seems that no one on this site is mentioning William Charles Wells and Patrick Matthew.Yet both Darwin and Wallace admitted that they beat them both to them to the idea of natural selection.If Darwin can accept that he did not origninate the idea of natural selection,why is it so difficult for Darwinophiles to do the same? Search Google for “wainwrightscience” and the associated link to the Dawkins website.

    PS Please do not quote Dawkins’ sophisms given in Bill Bryson’s latest book ;it is ridiculous for Dawkins to state that Matthew did not recognise the significance of his work!

  4. Richard Dawkiins – clearly chooses not to address the issue of the protocols of Victorian “gentleman of science” and the rules of the Royal Society asked why a heretic (Matthew) did not shout his ideas from the rooftops. It was because he was not allowed to do so. They gave him the “silent treatment” and it worked a treat.

  5. Of Course Dawkins’ video is now redundant given that it is newly discovered that Matthew DID influence other naturalist (pre 1858) with his original discovery of Natural Selection. More so, those naturalists who actually cited Matthew’s 1831 book pre-1858 include three at the epicentre of Darwin’s and Wallace’s published ideas on natural selection. They are: Loudon – who published Blyth’s two highly influential papers on natural selection; Chambers – who published the Vestiges of Creation, which highly influenced Wallace and had an influence on Darwin and other naturalists – such as Baden Powel (another who influenced Darwin! pre 1858); and Selby – who published Wallace’s 1855 Sarawak paper that laid his claim to natural selection! Just Google (in inverted commas) “Internet Dating with Darwin” to see the evidence on the Best Thniking site.

    Its time for Darwinists to stop ignoring and blocking the work of other biologists such Milton Wainwright. And it s finally time to stop the likes of Dawkns from mythmongering in order to play “bury the Scot”

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