Listen to The Dispersal of Darwin on ‘Pods and Blogs’

Audio for the episode of BBC Radio’s Pods and Blogs (now Outsiders) (with Jamilla Knowles) that features The Dispersal of Darwin, which Peter was nice enough to spread the word about, is now up online (mp3 link below, Darwin segment starts at 13:40 into the program). (UPDATE: the audio for this is no longer available online)

Pods and Blogs: 17 February 2009
Geek ink, Darwin online, the death of TV as we know it and the game that hooked us early when the ball was square. All on pods and blogs this week.

Original audio source.

6 thoughts on “Listen to The Dispersal of Darwin on ‘Pods and Blogs’

  1. The “Original audio source” link doesn’t work! Email me a direct link so I can check it out! This is very big for you and I am stoked for you.

  2. Thanks, Karen.

    Jon: You should be able to right-click on the link and save as an mp3. Then open it on whatever listening program you use…

  3. Well done! I love the site’s focus. Good tone. Thank you for getting the word out about Darwin’s 200th birthday. It’s no coincidence that friends and family had it on the tip of their tongue thanks to promotion like this.

    Darwin’s birthday stirred memories of my visit to the AMNH exhibit in New York over a year ago and prompted me to write, Charles Darwin Was a Designer” based on his sketch of the evolutionary tree.

  4. Cool! I didn’t know you had an RSS tattoo!!! I’ll also keep my eye out for vintage pong consoles for you and your geek friends. That commercial for that science worship website was a bit long though, needed more dance music behind it….

    Thanks for the link!


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