Google Charles Darwin Logo 2009

I don’t know if this is actually going to be on tomorrow. I hope so!

5 thoughts on “Google Charles Darwin Logo 2009

  1. It is! And it is awesome! I love the blog by the way. Anybody who seeks to spread awareness of Darwin’s work is a friend of mine. Thanks for the good work!

  2. =============================
    I’m so glad Google used “Darwin’s Finches” in their logo since they are evidence of Intelligent Design and not evolution. All the finches have the same DNA/genes, so there is no “evolution” from one beak sized bird to another. Designed in the finch is a regulator in the brain that releases the appropriate amount of protein to cause the beak to grown long or short. The same finch can have either a long or short beak – what an Intelligent Design.

  3. =====================
    Questioning “Intelligent Design” remarks.
    =================== ==
    I view these as a woefully incomplete “proof” of ID.

    1. Have all finches’ DNA been checked yet?
    2. Is “All the finches have the same DNA/genes” even approach a true statement? 3. What protein is this that changes the beak shape/size and how does the mechanism work to produce different beaks from same (identical?) genetic material? Does 1 finch have multiple beaks?
    4. Many humans have been tested and most agree that humans are humans even though there may be slight variations in DNA, individual to individual.
    IMHO, NWaff could review his/her comments and give more evidence to support his/her argument.

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