New Book of Darwin Poetry

Darwin's Ark by Philip Appleman

Darwin's Ark by Philip Appleman

Not the one by Ruth Padel, Darwin: A Life in Poems, but by Philip Appleman. Darwin’s Ark:

In celebration of Charles Darwin’s bicentennial and the 150th anniversary of the publication of “The Origin of Species”, we are publishing a new paperback edition of “Darwin’s Ark”, a collection of Philip Appleman’s poems on Darwinian themes, stunningly illustrated by internationally known printmaker Rudy Pozzatti. Philosophical, witty, poignant, deeply intellectual, and lyrical, Appleman’s poetry is always clear and powerful. All of the poems reflect Appleman’s perception of the ‘overwhelming sanity’ of Darwin’s thought – together with a visceral sensation of wholeness – of the connectedness of humans and nature, of the present with the past, of joy and sorrow, life and death. Pozzatti’s varied illustrations represent his responses to the poems, providing a mini Darwin bestiary and much more.

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