Darwin issue of Free Inquiry

Free Inquiry, Feb/Mar 2009

Free Inquiry, Feb/Mar 2009

The February/March 2009 issue of Free Inquiry has a special section on Darwin’s 200th:

Features: Darwins 200th

The Power of Darwin by Richard Dawkins (online, response from Larry Moran)

Creationism du Jour: The ‘Evidence against Evolution’ by Eugenie C. Scott and Glenn Branch

Nothing New Under the Sun: The Louisiana Science Education Act by Barbara Forrest

Rebel Giants: Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin, 1809—2009 by David R. Contosta

Darwin’s Views on Race Matter by R.G. Price

How to Discredit the Theory of Evolution: Advice for Believers by Christian Wright (online)

Taking Responsibility for Ourselves by Ronald Aronson

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