Darwin Scholars

I’ve added a link section on this blog (2nd column) for the webpages of Darwin scholars, and not necessarily just historians of science. Help me fill it in with suggestions. I decided to do this after I was on Robert J. Richards’ webpage, where he provides a lot of access to articles and book chapters he has written, especially these two pieces that we can find useful:

“The Moral Grammar of Narratives in History of Biology—the Case of Haeckel and Nazi Biology,” Cambridge Companion to the Philosophy of Biologyed. Michael Ruse and David Hull (Cambridge: Cambridge UniversityPress, 2007). 

“Myth: That Darwin and Haeckel were Complicit in Nazi Biology,” in Galileo Goes to Jail and Other Myths about Science and Religion, ed.Ronald L. Numbers (Cambridge:  Harvard University Press, 2009).

Also, Richards has on his site the audio and video from a course he taught in Fall 2008 on Origin and Descent. So much to listen to, so little time!

1 thought on “Darwin Scholars

  1. Hello, I’d like to announce our recent publication which is available for purchase or as a free pdf on our web site (publications -> occasional papers):

    Occasional Paper #155. Darwin: A Reader’s Guide

    Author: Michael T. Ghiselin. 2009. 185 pages. Paperback ISSN 0068-5461

    This book is a tribute to Dr. Ghiselin’s exhaustive studies on Darwin since the 1960s and is an invaluable resource not only for seasoned scholars but also those just beginning to delve into Darwin. Included is a thoughtful overview of Darwin’s life and literature – including a bibliography of his work, a secondary resource bibliography, a biographical timeline, as well as a biographical dictionary.

    If anyone has any questions they may contact me directly: hbrignall@calacademy.org

    Thank you,

    Hallie Brignall
    Managing Editor
    Scientific Publications
    California Academy of Sciences
    55 Music Concourse Drive
    Golden Gate Park
    San Francisco, CA. 94118

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