More New Darwin Books

From The Sydney Morning Herald:

Among the Darwin titles: Evolution In The Antipodes (UNSW Press, February) by Tom Frame, an Anglican bishop who writes that Darwin was deeply influenced by a brief Australian visit in 1836. Cambridge University Press’s library of Darwin books includes an illustrated edition of Darwin In Australia by Frank Nicholas. Darwin’s Armada (Penguin, March) is by Iain McCalman, a Sydney historian who argues it was the South Seas, not the Galapagos Islands, where most of the discoveries that led to the theory of evolution were made. Darwin’s Island: From The Galapagos To The Garden Of Eden (Little, Brown, March) by British geneticist Steve Jones explores Darwin’s work in England.

The New Yorker writer Adam Gopnick has written Angels And Ages (Murdoch Books, February), linking Darwin and Abraham Lincoln, born on the same day in 1809. In The Wake Of The Beagle (UNSW Press, May), edited by Nigel Erskine and Iain McCalman, places Darwin in the context of modern science debates. Lamarck’s Evolution (Pier 9, August) by Ross Honeywill tells the story of Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, who created the first evolutionary theory in 1809. Mr Darwin’s Incredible Shrinking World (Pier 9, October) by Peter Macinnis focuses on the year 1859, when Darwin published his theory of evolution.

Darwin’s Notebook: The Beagle Adventures Of Charles Darwin (Five Mile Press, $29.95) is presented with drawings, maps and notes as if for Darwin’s children. There’s even a children’s picture book, One Beetle Too Many: The Extraordinary Adventures Of Charles Darwin (Candlewick Press, January), by Kathryn Lasky and Matthew Trueman.

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