Darwin related historical seminars at

At the Institute for Historical Research in London. From their website:

Reconfiguring the British: Nation, Empire, World 1600-1900
Convenors: Catherine Hall (UCL), Keith McClelland (UCL), Clare Midgley (Sheffield Hallam University), Zoe Laidlaw (RHUL)

Venue: Wolfson Room, IHR

Time: Thursday, 5.30pm

Spring Term 2009

22 January James A. Secord (Cambridge)
Global Darwin

5 February Sally Shuttleworth (Oxford)
Children and monkeys in Victorian evolutionary philosophy

19 February Leonore Davidoff (Essex)
Darwin and his family

5 March Pamela Scully (US)
Sara Baartman

19 March David Feldman (Birkbeck), Cora Kaplan (QMUL) and Ali Rattansi
Round Table on Race Matters

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