Attenborough’s “Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life” on BBC

On February 1st, the BBC will air David Attenborough’s contribution to the Darwin bicentennial: Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life. Read “David Attenborough on Charles Darwin” at Times Online. Here’s just a part:

He has slowly mutated, too, into a more openly opinionated figure. He was once renowned for his diplomacy, carefully sidestepping controversy. It took him until recently to make his first programme about global warming, after finally becoming convinced of mankind’s role.

Today, however, sitting in the living room of his fine – but not grand – home on Richmond Hill, southwest London, surrounded by tribal art and piles of books, he is very happy to sound off. The subjects that chiefly exercise him are the way we are treating a planet that he knows better than probably anyone else who inhabits it, and what he sees as the “disgrace” of the rise in belief in creationism.

The Tree of Life is one of Sir David’s most personal programmes. It is the “fabuloso” story of how Darwin changed “the way we see the world and our place in it”. Sir David leads the viewer gently through Darwin’s journey to the Galápagos Islands and his observations in his garden at Down House in Kent that formed his theory of natural selection; that all life forms originated from a common simple beginning and evolved through mutations that created new species and led to the extinction of others over hundreds of millions of years.

2 thoughts on “Attenborough’s “Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life” on BBC

  1. Wonderful programme. I would love to get a copy of it. Learned a lot about Mr. Attenborough also. Would have been useful to mention Patrick Matthew’s earlier work.

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