External Hard Drive

I need to get one to store thousands of photos and lots of short videos… any recommendations for a brand/type of external hard drive, under $100?

I’ve been saving photos/videos to CDs, and recently one disc of videos of my son is now not responding when I insert in in my laptop, which probably means I didn’t burn the videos on it right (but I usually check that things go on discs when I burn), or for some reason the disc is worthless now… I need something easier and more reliable than the many CDs I have accumulated since my son was born…

5 thoughts on “External Hard Drive

  1. Anytime. After my computer crash in May I have used this thing alot and I am really glad to have it. It also came with a free trial of a sync program, which I ended up buying and run on both my PC and laptop.

  2. After losing gigabytes of irreplaceable personal files on hard drives (all hard drives will peter out eventually), I finally decided to get online storage. Online services are great for archiving rarely-used files (baby pictures, home videos). Microsoft has a free service called SkyDrive, which gives you 25 GB of online storage (100 MB limit per file), while other sites vary in free storage (Humyo – 10 GB, Dropbox – 2 GB, Mozy – 2 GB). I am currently testing LiveDrive (for free), but I plan to get the premium (fee-based) service when it launches.

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