Winners of the Darwin Limerick Contest!

With the help of some fellow Darwin bloggers (who did not enter the contest), I have decided on the winners of the Darwin Limerick Contest. Here again are the prizes:

1st place: A signed copy of David Quammen’s The Reluctant Mr. Darwin (hardcover). Remember, Quammen is connected with my history department, so it’s absolutely authentic.

2nd place: DVD of the 2 hour episode of PBS’s Evolution, “Darwin’s Dangerous Idea,” and Peter J. Bowler’s Charles Darwin: The Man and His Influence (softcover, 1990). The book is a second copy of mine, but in very good condition, and the DVD was mine also, but I no longer need it now that I own the entire Evolution series.

3rd place: Charles Darwin: On Evolution, edited by Thomas F. Glick and David Kohn (softcover, 1996). This is a second copy of mine. Some shelf wear and a cover crease, but in nice shape.

And the winners (out of 32 entries total) are:

1st place: Cuttlefish, with:

The object of all my affection
Just told me I failed her inspection!
So I guess that this means
It’s the end for my genes—
There’s a downside to natural selection!

2nd place: TT. France (from UK), with:

I’m frustrated and bored on this ship,
Out at sea with no specimens — zip!
And that rig-swinging crew —
They’re like apes in a zoo!
I fear nothing will come of this trip.

3rd place: Jim Pettit, with:

Many people still heap persecution
On those who espouse evolution.
Forgive such assault;
Is it really their fault
They’ve evolved with their brains Lilliputian?

Please contact me (darwinsbulldog AT gmail DOT com) to give me your mailing address. Some runners up were:

Adrian Thysse, with:

There was a young man from Shrewsbury
Who seldom did anything newsworthy.
Till one opportune day
He sailed away
On a Beagle known to be sea-worthy.

Cuttlefish, with:

While still a young man, Darwin went
On a trip—and the curious gent,
From the fractions of inches
Twixt beaks of his finches
Inferred there was common descent!

Bjørn Østman, with:

There once was a man named Chuck
Who said my cousin’s a duck
But that cannot be
My cousin you see
Is a baptist from Virginia Kentuck

7 thoughts on “Winners of the Darwin Limerick Contest!

  1. YAY CUTTLEFISH!!!! 😀 😀

    The Digital Cuttlefish book is now out, by the way, at Lulu? Check their site for a copy! 🙂

  2. I tried to write a limerick, but somehow the man from nantucket kept on sneaking in.

    Congrats to DC!

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