A "I should be doing something else (like work)" miscellany

Richard Carter of The Red Notebook is liveblogging his visit to London to see the new Darwin exhibit there…

From the NCSE, news of a video from the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, which has a segment on paleontology, evolution, and creationism. It features Kevin Padian, who will be speaking in March 2009 at the “Darwin’s Legacy” conference geared toward undergraduate and graduate students. (I am submitting an abstract for my paper on Darwin’s seed experiments that I wrote in Fall 2007.)

Another video on creationism: “The Creationism Controversy in the Classroom” (from Guardian)

The Royal Society Archive is free again, until February 1st. Go here to start searching…

Visit the online store for NHM’s exhibit Darwin: Big Idea, Big Exhibition. The holidays are upon us… maybe give someone the HMS Beagle jigsaw puzzle, and help the Beagle Project put together a much larger version of the ship by donating to their cause.

“Who’s Afraid of Charles Darwin,” by Lorna Salzman. Her other writings on evolution, biodiversity, ecology, natural history, etc. here.

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