Darwin Limerick Contest

Time to do something fun here at DoD. Send me your Darwin-themed limerick by Nov. 23rd, and I will select a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner. The prizes are:

1st place: A signed copy of David Quammen’s The Reluctant Mr. Darwin (hardcover). Remember, Quammen is connected with my history department, so it’s absolutely authentic.

2nd place: DVD of the 2 hour episode of PBS’s Evolution, “Darwin’s Dangerous Idea,” and Peter J. Bowler’s Charles Darwin: The Man and His Influence (softcover, 1990). The book is a second copy of mine, but in very good condition, and the DVD was mine also, but I no longer need it now that I own the entire Evolution series.

3rd place: Charles Darwin: On Evolution, edited by Thomas F. Glick and David Kohn (softcover, 1996). This is a second copy of mine. Some shelf wear and a cover crease, but in nice shape.

Submit your Darwin limerick by commenting on this post or emailing me at darwinsbulldog AT gmail DOT com. Judging will be from myself, and possibly some fellow Darwin bloggers. Good luck!

Note: Limericks consist of five anapaestic lines. Lines 1, 2, and 5 of limericks have seven to ten syllables and rhyme with one another. Lines 3 and 4 of limericks have five to seven syllables and also rhyme with each other.

13 thoughts on “Darwin Limerick Contest

  1. Many people still heap persecution
    On those who espouse evolution.
    Forgive such assault;
    Is it really their fault
    They’ve evolved with their brains Lilliputian?

  2. That was fun. Is it okay to leave another?

    While I’m seldom the one to malign,
    They’ve not answered this question of mine:
    I intend no offense,
    But they’re not making sense;
    Where’s the smarts in Intelli-Design?

  3. Okay, one more, and that’s it. I promise:

    Many folks are espousing Creationism;
    That’s causing me loads of frustration-ism.
    Incessant attacks
    And refusal of facts
    Leaves me craving a lengthy vacation-ism.

    That’s okay, though; despite defamation-ism–
    Despite their “You’re Wrong!!!” desperation-ism–
    They won’t always be blind;
    Maybe someday they’ll find
    That there’s beauty in true adaptation-ism.

  4. First attempt:

    There was a young man from Shrewsbury
    Who seldom did anything newsworthy.
    Till one opportune day
    He sailed away
    On a Beagle known to be sea-worthy.

  5. In the Galapagos Isles, he arrived,
    Saw the creatures that helped him derive
    His wonderful theory
    Though Theists are leery)
    In short, “it’s the fit that survive”.

  6. So you’re willing to suffer deprival
    By leaving the spoils to your rival?
    This Darwinian rule
    Speaks to loser and fool:
    For defeatists, there ain’t no survival.

  7. Darwinian theory ain’t sound;
    No way it’ll get off the ground.
    But, oh Lord, if it does,
    We’re in trouble, because
    All our children’ll monkey around.

  8. There once was a man with a beard
    Who said, “It is just as I feared,
    Two owls and a hen,
    Four larks and a wren
    Were not fit and have thus disappeared”.

    Doug Harris


    Here we are for the judges election …
    It appears they have shown their affection
    For … what? Not this verse?!
    They must really rehearse
    The most natural law of selection.

  10. Galapagos Tortoise to Finch:
    ‘There’s that Darwin again – he’s a cinch!
    Here, you take my shell
    And fly round for a spell,
    Leaving me as “Galapagos Grinch”.’

    TT. France (from UK).

  11. From the journal of Charles Darwin, outward bound on the Beagle, eager for first landfall and perhaps a little seasick:

    I’m frustrated and bored on this ship,
    Out at sea with no specimens — zip!
    And that rig-swinging crew —
    They’re like apes in a zoo!
    I fear nothing will come of this trip.

  12. Said Darwin, “My greatest of fears
    Is nature ignored over years.
    The outlook is bleak
    Where we cosset the weak.
    Mark my words — it will end up in tears!”

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