Darwin on BBC Radio 4’s "Today"

From July 1st:

Today’s science correspondent Tom Feilden visits Charles Darwin’s garden in Kent, which he used as an open air laboratory, to find out how Kentish hedge parsley helped Darwin to refine his theory of natural selection. LISTEN

From July 5th:

Charles Darwin, author of the Origin of Species, may have seriously considered the possibility that life arrived here in a meteorite. Dr John Van Whye, a historian of science at Cambridge, has been exploring this theory for a paper he is giving and he discusses the possibility with Dr Caroline Smith, the meteorite curator at the Natural History Museum. LISTEN

Both of these radio pieces were discussed on the blog Question Darwin: Pilgrimage to Downe House and Charles Darwin and the coal from space!, and the following was added to The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online on July 3rd:

Darwin, C. R. 1881. [Quotation from a letter]. In R[achel, G. W.], Mr. Darwin on Dr. Hahn’s discovery of fossil organisms in meteorites. Science 2, No. 61 (27 August): 410. Text Image A newly discovered Darwin publication!

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