TV: "Darwin’s Garden" Profiled Tonight on Thirteen Voices

First, thank you so very much to Karen James (not nunatak) of The HMS Beagle Project for sending me the catalogue and map accompanying the “Darwin’s Garden” exhibit she got during her visit as a graduation gift. Second, Gloria Park of Thirteen/WNET New York informed me that tonight, “NEW YORK VOICES, Thirteen/WNET’s award-winning weekly public affairs series, will air a special half-hour documentary on the current Charles Darwin exhibit at The New York Botanical Garden.” The press release:


30-Minute Special Features Exhibit Presented By The New York Botanical Garden

Thirteen/WNET’s NEW YORK VOICES captures the multifaceted exhibition chronicling Darwin’s lifelong fascination with plants and flowers currently on display at The New York Botanical Garden.

The NEW YORK VOICES special premieres Tuesday, May 20 at 10:30 p.m.

Using Darwin’s original manuscripts and writings, The Botanical Garden demonstrates his contribution and impact to science, highlighting our understanding of natural selection and evolution today. Using the plants and flowers that appeared in his drawings such as primroses, climbing plants and orchids, the exhibit also recreates Darwin’s garden and greenhouse where he conducted many of his bontanical experiments.

NEW YORK VOICES host Rafael Pi Roman speaks with biologist and author Dr. Edward O. Wilson about Darwin’s legacy. The program will also examine the latest perspectives on Darwin’s theories from scientists, environmentalists and scholars who presented at a symposium earlier this month as a part of The Botanical Garden’s exhibit.

The program concludes with a tour of The Botanical Garden’s children’s exhibit featuring their hands-on, interactive displays introducing young visitors to Darwin’s theories and adventures around the world.Visit to watch the most recent episode or search our archives.

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